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Mobile Homes

Every year the owner of a mobile home must pay taxes, obtain and prominently display a Thomas County decal (location permit). Ad valorem taxes are assessed on January 1 of each year for mobile homes. Mobile home tax bills are mailed on or about January 30 each year and are delinquent if not paid on or before April 1. A fee of 10% and $25.00 penalty will be added after April 1 on the unpaid balance.

Owners of mobile homes that are located in Thomas County on January 1 must return the mobile home for taxation to the Tax Commissioner on or before April 1 of each year at the same time they apply for the location permit. Failure to file the required return will result in a 10% tax penalty.

It should be noted that there are two opportunities for a mobile/modular homeowner to appeal their valuation, one is during the return period and the other is within 45 days of when the bill is mailed. Bills for mobile/modular homes in Thomas County are usually mailed January 2.

A Move Permit is required by law and must be obtained before a mobile home can be moved into the county, to another location within Thomas County (lot to lot), moved out of the county or state, dismantled, to an impound lot or land fill.

The new owner of a mobile home must obtain a title to the home in their name within 30 days of purchase. Titles are processed at the Thomas County Tag Office. You must provide a current paid tax receipt and proof of ownership before your title application will be processed. If there is a lien on the mobile home, most lien holders will apply for the new title.